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The HomeSpotter app is a tool to provide real estate agents with an experience that combines home search, messaging, and MLS integrations to make collaboration easy.

Product Design • User Experience • Brand Identity

The Client

HomeSpotter was founded in 2009, and builds custom branded apps for large real estate brokerages and small teams all over the country. They are based in Minneapolis, MN. I served as the Creative Director during this project.

A New Identity

HomeSpotter was originally founded as Mobile Realty Apps, but we felt that it didn't quite represent what our vision was for the future of our company. Prior to the HomeSpotter app, we decided to move forward with redesigning our brand, and below are a few screens demonstrating the ideation process. 

HomeSpotter early logo sketches
HomeSpotter Logo Compilations

A few screens which shows the ideation process of creating the HomeSpotter identity.


The HomeSpotter app icon and color blocks.

The Challenge

Most agents are faced with using the MLS interface for sharing new properties with their clients, and then collaborating by email, phone calls, and text. We wanted to provide a way to do all of that in-app, in-effect making the home search process much easier.

Using one app for both agents and consumers presented an opportunity to explore a messaging-like experience. This was one of the more complex challenges, having to design an experience that could adapt to the type of user we were giving access to.

HomeSpotter App


Building the app was initially planned out by the CEO, product manager, and myself. During this process, we would run a number of prototypes by our engineers to see what was possible, sometimes begging them to push the ideas a bit further. This collaboration proved to be incredibly helpful, preventing us from going too far with some of our ideas.

HomeSpotter Prototype

A birds eye view of the the listing detail page prototype.

HomeSpotter app

User Testing

The listing detail page is one area that both agent and consumer spend a lot of time using. The buyer's agent may have to contact the listing agent quickly, and the home buyer will want to have every piece of information about the property at a glance.

One way to ensure that we were on the right track was to create prototypes for agents to use during the planning phase. We would host sessions in our office, and we even flew out to our clients to do on-site guerilla style focus groups.

During the sessions, we recorded both the screen interactions as well as the interviews. Sometimes an agent may have trouble articulating a feeling, but their body language might give you insight into whether they were frustrated or not.

Listing Detail Page Prototype

A prototype for the listing detail page built for user testing.

Website Redesign

Of course, we had to pair the launch with a redesign of our site. One of the main competitive advantages was our ability to message within the app. We highlighted that on our main homepage, using some creative javascript to mimic the native app onboarding screen.

Post Launch

Pulling off this product launch required a lot of help, and a ton of thanks goes to Aaron Kardell for his product vision, Devin Bezdicek for project management, Mark Leverentz, Brian Bethke, Elvin Beardon and Will Christiansen for their engineering expertise. 

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