Our new apartment in Los Angeles

Our new 2 bedroom apartment in Silver Lake, Los Angeles


The first time I visited Los Angeles was when I was all of 20 years old. I had walked up to Manhattan beach with a couple of friends who lived far outside the city at the time. Just being at the beach was considered a small vacation for them.

I untied my shoes and shoved my feet into the sand, and had a euphoric feeling come over me at that moment. I knew at that point that I would end up here.

It’s taken awhile, but it’s now been 75 days since our move to Los Angeles. I’ve been traveling 23 of those days, have had friends stay over 4 of the free weekends, so it still feels like I haven’t even really gotten to know our new home.

Since being here, there is a vibe that feels closer to what I want closer to what I want than what I had in SF. I can’t quite describe it yet, but the warm weather, a bit more space to live, a bit more elbow room in intimate coffee spots, and a more intentional mix of people has me enjoying it so much.

However, LA is such a polarizing place. People have a strong opinion of it even if they haven’t been here. The issue usually revolves around driving, because let's be honest. It sucks. Getting to and from the airport has been the biggest nuisance so far, but since we have been hanging out in Silver Lake, it's been tolerable.

I loved San Francisco, and maybe we'll be back someday. For now, the sun is setting in the right spot.