Artwork: https://www.the100dayproject.org/


I've long been a fan of Elle Luna, and even though I'm not a fan of joining challenges—which I think says more about me than anything—I'm trying to not give a fuck, and just participate in making something during the #The100DayProject.

Palm trees are fascinating, and they have such an emotional connection to the idea of being on vacation, at least to me when I was growing up.

Colors have long been known to influence our mood, feelings, and behaviors. To me, palm trees have that same grip on my psyche. It immediately puts me at ease, or in a more meditative mode when I stare at them.

Beyond just drawing them, I'm looking to push past the idea of being vulnerable, which I have a hard time dealing with. Being judged is something that I have long struggled with, and I'm hoping to make an effort to combat that.

So while palm trees are awesome, the real challenge is to not give a shit.

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